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Thanks for your curiosity about the “Go to the Balcony” techniques!

Increasingly we are having to find strategies to help us manage ourselves through these times- our behaviours and attitudes we can influence whilst keeping our authentic personality and beliefs intact!

Here are a couple of techniques I use to interrupt my immediate “emotional actions” and gain a little more influence over the outcomes of my behaviours and actions!

Please click on the links below for a transcript, or a video, or both! Take your pick!

I am Angelina Rizza, and my company is Voce Consult, we are Learning and development professionals who deliver real behavioural change in individuals,  teams therefore enabling your organisation to reduce the cost of operations, change and drive profits. How much is your current culture costing you?

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Enjoy the tips!


Go To The Balcony Transcript (20 downloads)


Go To The Balcony Video (15 downloads)